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Scalable Analytics Inc. (“Scalable) has developed patent pending breakthrough technology, called Thor Technology Platform which performs more complex analysis, of larger data sets significantly faster than all current market offerings.


The Thor Technology Platform is the foundation for a portfolio of analytic products that address specific analytic challenges across multiple industries and sectors, which include:


  • Thor Flow increases the speed of back testing data sets and each industry has a specific Thor Flow product. Target sectors include financial and pharmaceuticals.

  • Thor RFlow is the initial launch product and is focused on the global financial market where R open source software is utilized.

  • Thor FlowStream analyzes streaming data from mobile devices/sensors, performs the analysis in real time, and can scale 100x greater than current market offerings. This is one of the fastest areas of global data growth. Key sectors include telco, data center and electrical utilities.

  • Thor Extreme has the ability to analyze in excess of 100,000,000 concurrent processes, which is a key technology needed in fast growing sectors such as social media for statistical mathematical graphs and global logistics/operations for fleet or parts management.

Thor Technology Platform provides faster analytics today on current chip technology but it also accelerates next generation chip technology for Intel and AMD.

Use Cases
Smart Grid use caseSmart Grid data is outpacing our ability to analyze it. Scalable Analytics was built to scale to accommodate real-time grid analytics on extreme data.

Wall Street use caseScalable Analytics delivers extreme scalability to Wall Street. Financial models built on real-time streaming data with statistical correlations for critical decision making.

Hadoop use caseFrom unstructured textual data to numerical data, Scalable Analytics governs extreme data sets. Scalable Analytics provides solutions for Data Center management.

Ebay use caseFrom correlation to clustering, Scalable Analytics has demonstrated the capability to analyze, in real-time, unstructured textual data to cluster eBay auction data to live stock market feeds.

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