Scalable Analytics


Best of Breed Technology
  • 6x greater capabilities than stand-alone single systems from traditional vendors
  • 10x faster at data analytics than cloud based computing
  • 80x faster response time than standard database or business intelligence software

Reduced Capital & Operational Costs
  • Reduced infrastructure costs (e.g., storage, filesystems, backup, disaster recovery)
  • Reduced cost of entry or acquisition by deploying a complete appliance solution
  • Reduced time, effort and costs when migrating to a real-time cyber information system
  • Reduced capital outlay and transference to a variable cost structure
  • Reduced education and training costs (time-to-use accelerated)

Increased Knowledge Transfer Company Wide
  • Improved highly-valued knowledge workers who are creating core value
  • Improved knowledge transfer through skills democratization
  • Improved project scalability from pilots to product-class environments
  • Improved time to insight capable of real-time performance windows
  • Improved information accuracy for decision support

Use Cases
Smart Grid use caseSmart Grid data is outpacing our ability to analyze it. Scalable Analytics was built to scale to accommodate real-time grid analytics on extreme data.

Wall Street use caseScalable Analytics delivers extreme scalability to Wall Street. Financial models built on real-time streaming data with statistical correlations for critical decision making.

Hadoop use caseFrom unstructured textual data to numerical data, Scalable Analytics governs extreme data sets. Scalable Analytics provides solutions for Data Center management.

Ebay use caseFrom correlation to clustering, Scalable Analytics has demonstrated the capability to analyze, in real-time, unstructured textual data to cluster eBay auction data to live stock market feeds.

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