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Faster Insights with Extreme Data

Introducing an exciting computing paradigm called Extreme Analytics. Scalable Analytics is a leader in providing real-time processing and streaming data with a secure, scalable, easy-to-use analytics appliance.

It has been stated that big data have key attributes of volume, variety and velocity. Scalable Analytics is addressing data and computing capacity that go beyond big data — to the extremes. We have determined two additional key characteristics which comprise the 5V's of Extreme Analytics.

Characteristics and Barriers of Extreme Analytics from an Information Architecture Perspective.

  • Extreme Volume. Data growing exponentially with the industry amid conflicting requirements of business intelligence and reporting vs. data mining and statistical analysis further compounding data management.

  • Extreme Variety. Data that combine text data (social media, click stream, customer service records, etc.) with structured internal data (such as master and transactional data) and third party information (such as credit rating, econometric forecasts, maps or other proprietary databases).

  • Extreme Velocity. Data consumption and movement from a myriad of sources that is generated or delivered at a rapid pace (such as click stream data, scanning for sensitive images in a crowd, etc.).

  • Extreme Variability. This is not the statistical variability that represents signals in the data, but the many different meanings that data can have (e.g., text can be interpreted as number of words, or as semantics, or as concepts).

  • Extreme Value. By addressing each characteristic individually and together holistically, an enterprise can deliver value (ROI) among its decision making processes.

    If your enterprise has hit the barriers of conventional business intelligence and needs extreme analytics, contact us at Scalable Analytics for a demonstration.

Use Cases
Smart Grid use caseSmart Grid data is outpacing our ability to analyze it. Scalable Analytics was built to scale to accommodate real-time grid analytics on extreme data.

Wall Street use caseScalable Analytics delivers extreme scalability to Wall Street. Financial models built on real-time streaming data with statistical correlations for critical decision making.

Hadoop use caseFrom unstructured textual data to numerical data, Scalable Analytics governs extreme data sets. Scalable Analytics provides solutions for Data Center management.

Ebay use caseFrom correlation to clustering, Scalable Analytics has demonstrated the capability to analyze, in real-time, unstructured textual data to cluster eBay auction data to live stock market feeds.

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